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Recent grad of AnimationMentor.com, and University Wests program in 3D-animation, Currently working as a freelance animator in Stockholm. Music, comics, animation and illustrations are probably what I'll end up posting here the most

September 18, 2012 at 12:09am

Gaston - André Franquin

AndrĂ© Franquin (1924 - 1997) the Belgian cartoonist behind Gaston Lagaffe, Marsiupilami, and artist/writer on Spirou. Regarded as one of the great European comic artists, but still unknown to many. With Gaston he to me created one of the funniest/silliest comic stips. A strip that’s easily up there with Calvin and Hobbes and other classics. It’s kinda hard to come by to purchase but run to your public library, or a used book store and try and find your copy.


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