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Recent grad of AnimationMentor.com, and University Wests program in 3D-animation, Currently working as a freelance animator in Stockholm. Music, comics, animation and illustrations are probably what I'll end up posting here the most

October 11, 2012 at 8:58pm

"Kon-tiki" - Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg

Last fall I had the privilege of having my internship at the fantastic, Stockholm based Vfx-studio, Important Looking Pirates. Where I got to work on the Norwegian feature film “Kon-tiki”, which is based on Thor Heyerdahls journey across the pacific on this raft named Kon-tiki. Recently a breakdown showing all the absolutely brilliant vfx-work done by the four Nordic vfx-studios involved, Important Looking Pirates, Fido, Storm studios and Gimpville. Creating this rich ocean world that is the main setting in this Norwegian epic. Three of the shots in Important Looking Pirates chunk are animated by me, to be specific, all three of the underwater shots with sharks and blood. November the 9th the movie opens in Sweden if I am not mistaken, after being norways second most successful cinematic release, with as of now having over 800 000 viewers, and also being norways nominee for the academy award. I really can’t wait till I get the chance to see the full film.